Teeth Whitening

Whitening of teeth is a very common procedure in general and cosmetic dentistry. As we age, our teeth can become more yellow. This occurs with changes in the mineral structure of the teeth, and also with staining from bacteria, food, drink and actions such as smoking.

With developments in products and techniques, there are now many procedures that can be tailored to your teeth in order to get the desired whiter result.

We use no harsh abrasive products in our whitening systems at Essence Dental Clinic. These whitening (or bleaching) agents actually react with the stain deep inside your teeth to neutralize it. There’s no harmful stripping of enamel involved. It is important to have a full dental examination first with a dentist before under going teeth whitening, as leaky fillings, decay and worn teeth can cause problematic symptoms if not treated or avoided when whitening.

Professionally administered teeth whitening rarely looks too white. Often famous faces and celebrities in the media use very white shades of porcelain on the teeth, which can give a false and ‘piano like’ appearance of the teeth. Natural teeth that have been whitened sensibly will look cleaner and brighter. Individual choice and condition of the existing teeth will determine which whitening system is best for you.

Home Whitening systems

This is where closely fitting customized trays are made which will help hold the whitening gel in the desired place on the teeth. We will take impressions of your teeth and have the trays fabricated by a leading laboratory. Our trays will ensure that not only is the gel positioned correctly, but also that it is kept against the teeth in order to help it be active against the teeth for longer.
There are two types of gels that can be used.

Night White – Carbamide Peroxide is a slower acting, longer lasting gel, that breaks down in to the active product, Hydrogen peroxide. Typically concentrations of 10-16% Carbamide peroxide is worn over night. The gel remains active for around 6 hours. This method is often the least sensitive.

Day White – Hydrogen peroxide concentrations of up to 6% are used for a shorter period of 30mins, up to twice a day. This procedure can be more sensitive than Night White procedures, but hast he benefit of being worn during the day and for fewer hours. This type of whitening will tend to work better for those that grind or clench their teeth together during sleeping! We often are not aware of doing this, so your dentist should be consulted to look for signs before choosing the whitening procedure that will work best for you.

Office Whitening

We can provide teeth whitening in the dental chair. This is a fantastic procedure for those patients who do not wish to wear whitening trays at home, or for those patients that want their teeth whiter, quicker. A specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel is placed on the teeth, isolating it away from the gum area. The gel will penetrate in to the intrinsic stain, and neutralize the stains, to leave the teeth cleaner and whiter. The gel works best when it reaches an optimum temperature.
We can use light sources, sometimes colloquially referred to as laser bleaching to accelerate the gel to work at its optimum level. Laser whitening is a common misconception since lasers are an older technology that was used before current technologies were developed. Different types of energy can be used in this procedure, with the most common being halogen, LED or plasma arc. Though office whitening has the benefit of accelerated results, the results tend not to last as long as home whitening.

Combination Whitening

The whitening procedure chosen by most patients at our practice is a combination whitening.This is where we use a combination of home and office whitening gels to get an accelerated, yet longer lasting whitening result.

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